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Tamarind. The name of the song is wild. Many people eat mashed with salt, pepper temtalera with varying preferences. Or the girl or woman to honor the traditions of all the tamarind.
Adisthana tamarind Sudan or South Africa, but the country is more or less in almost all instances. Tamarind ripe fruit than any other mineral. From 5 to 17 times more than the amount of calcium in the fruit. The amount of iron 0 to 5 times more than all the fruit without coconut.

Tamarind has many nutrients. Let's get to know all of the attributes.

1. Stomach gas, digestion problems, Manicures jbalaporaya tamarind juice is very beneficial.

II. Tamarind works to reduce body fat.

3. Reduce blood cholesterol.

4. Tamarind leaf herbal tea is used to reduce fever and malaria.

5. Children are quite beneficial to the stomach krminasake tamarind.

6. Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy away.

7. Tamarind helps prevent cancer.

8. Pailas is used for treatment.

9. Tamarind by cleaning the blood.

10. Or reduce arthritis pain in the joints.

11. Gham and help cure inflammation in the skin.

1. Vitamin C source.

13. Surrey cough playing old tamarind.

answered Jan 24, 2016 by Md Ariful Islam (780 points)

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