The dental tartar away without dentist

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Damtei everyone more or less yellow or brown mineral coating can be seen. Say it in English tartar. We know that as the teeth of stone. If you do not regularly clean the tartar is growing. Because the dental piriodonataitisera.

What piriodonataitisa

If the gums are inflamed tissues piriodonataitisa. As a result of the premature loss of teeth increases the risk of gum withholds.


Tartar on the teeth to be cleaned regularly to avoid the problem. The dentist is the first solution to remove tartar. However, if you are sitting at home can solve the problem.

To clean tartar, which will take

• Baking soda

• Dental Peak

• Salt

• Hydrogen peroksaida

• Water

• Toothbrush

• Cup

• antiseptic mouth wash


The most effective element is to remove tartar and baking soda available. Let us assume that the method to remove tartar.

The first step

Cup with a tablespoon of baking soda and mix 12 teaspoon salt. The toothbrush soaked in hot water for five minutes with a mixture of baking soda and salt, brush your teeth. Finally Take kulakuci.

The second step

12 cup with a cup of warm water and mix hydrogen peroksaidera. Keep the water in the face of one minute. 12 cups of water, then remove kulakuci.


The third step

Yellow tartar slowly rub his teeth with dental pick up. Please use caution to avoid damage to the gums dental pick.

The fourth step

Wash the mouth with antiseptic kulakuci.


A few tips for white teeth smile


Strawberry and tomato

Strawberries and tomatoes are full of vitamin C is good for tooth. Gnashes his teeth tartar five minutes to clean up strawberries or tomatoes. It will be soft tartar. The baking soda mixed with warm water and remove with a porter. In addition to strawberries or tomatoes Capsicum is rich in vitamin C, lemons, papaya and oranges can be used.



You can eat cheese before eating. Esidake cheese dishes, which disables a key component of tartar.

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