What is ISIS?

asked Dec 26, 2016 in Education by মাহদী হাসান (52 points)

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answered Jan 5 by nuruzzaman murad (138 points)
ISIS is a terrorist group led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. It began as the Iraqi chapter of Al Qaeda. But the two groups always had disagreements, and ISIS broke away in 2014. Now ISIS and Al Qaeda compete for influence and recruits. In 2011, a civil war broke out in Syria in response to efforts to overthrow dictator Bashar al-Assad. ISIS quickly took advantage of the chaos. The group now controls a vast territory in Syria and Iraq. They’ve become one of the largest, most successful, and most violent groups operating in Syria and Iraq. They execute prisoners of war, enslave minorities, and have raped thousands of women and young girls. The group’s violence also extends even to the day-to-day tasks of governance. Criminal penalties in territory controlled by ISIS can include stoning, amputations, and even crucifixion.
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answered Jan 6 by Tanoy (110 points)
ISIS meaning is Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

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