how can i get a bigger bicep, tricep, forarms and wider chest?

asked May 15, 2015 in Sports & Recreation by masum billah (140 points)

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answered Jan 8 by Shadim (137 points)
Well,just do the following exercises in your home GYM

For BICEPS:Curls,Barbell Curls,Preacher Curls,Hammer Curls,Concentration Curls,Reverse Curls,Cable Biceps Curls

For TRICEPS:Close grip bench presses,Push Downs,Triceps extensions,Triceps Kick Back,Bar triceps extension

For Forearms:Wrist curls,Dumble wrist curls,Standing wrist curls

For Chest:Bench presses,Incline presses,Dumble presses,Parallel bar Dips,Push ups and Chin ups

REMEMBER one thing:Always do each practices 60 times in 4 steps

Peace be upon you

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