hair fall treatment at home

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বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন... এখানে

There is no substitute for nutrient hair oil. Many folks do not want to put viscous oil, hair oil. The hair is the biggest loss. The oil from the hair root nutrition yogiye Silky hair, makes saini. We usually processed coconut oil, almond oil are used. Ayurvedic oil is quite beneficial for the hair. It prevents hair fall and makes hair shining sbasthyajbala.

1. Amla Ayurvedic oil
100 grams of powder amalaki
50 grams of pure coconut oil
4 liters of water

Boil water mixed with one-third amalakira powder. Stir the mixture of water and simmer until reduced to 1 liter. Take a cotton cloth and strain the water. Amalakira the powder is mixed with water to make a paste. Now, in a large pot of water to the amalaki chaka amalakira paste and coconut oil mixed. Now boil the pot on the stove. Remove from the oven down to actually grow and become thicker. When the cold glass container to save. To get the best results, use twice a week.

II. Tulsi Ayurvedic oil
New Tulsi Tulsi leaves or powder
Pure coconut oil

Tulsi leaves Tulsi leaves or a teaspoon of powder mixed with water to make a thick paste. Tulsi leaves Tulsi leaves, but if you use the blender with water and blend it. Tulsi leaf paste mixed with the 100 ml coconut oil, bring to the boil on the stove. With a few days to fenugreek. Remove the heat down after a while. Keep it stored in a glass jar when cold. The oil massage twice a week. Then remove syampu.

Tips: Ayurvedic oil cool place. Do not use any chemical element in the heat of the oil can be lost because of the sun. After using the oil cap put it very well. The oil will prevent your hair fall, will help to grow new hair. Even you would sbasthyojbala lifeless hair.

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